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The staff calls him "Brick".    I call him Storm,  born leap year day 2/29/20 - Around here name changes are common since many of our clients have favored names they have put aside for their new or next Super Dobe and for sure this guy is a Super Star. Note that while the kid looks the part of a full developed adult in the photo above the photo dated 8-7-20 actually shows he still just a youngster in a big dog suit. 

He likes to socialize yet is very comfortable just hanging with us. He has spent many hours with Mr. Hoytt during evening computer time just happy to hear a kind word sent his way and an extra bit of attention. A Dobe who can be your guardian once he understands your social lifestyle as well as the situations where socializing with visitors like the grand kids could be in his future. Storm still will watch those who are not part of his family circle specially in our current environment. Plus we are always available to help guide you in other projects with the kid you might consider after placement. Currently in the SuperPup Two we probably need only a few weeks from his new family putting up his adoption fees and he can head home. Remember too you can arrange to have the boy chauffeured home (of course optional)  by our driving team and you never leave your 'island in the sun'. Note there have been some instruction that would have been or will be depending on your preferences that are part of the CYA program.  Home





Home now Virgina 6-4-20 ... Since placement his family has us working a house mate for him 

Flinn as in "The Errol" ... One striking blue and rust young male now enjoying the good life.



Home 6-18-20 - "THE DUDE"  - established client Missouri 


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