Flint ... This young male just finishing our Custom Young Adult Level 2 Program is best described as a quick study, very confident but not in a belligerent way just trusting in the world he knows as seen in how comfortable he is with the children he gets to be with once or twice a week - plus a few other children who come in the evenings with our night staff are also in his family circle. CHECK HIS VIDEOS ON bhoytt/YOUTUBE. Considered a "medium aggressive" he can enjoy interaction  with those in his family circle and ready to make acquaintance with the new visitors introduced correctly as part of your private circle. 

He likes to socialize yet is very comfortable just hanging with you. He has spent many hours with Mr. Hoytt during late night computer time just happy to hear a kind word sent his way and an extra bit of attention. A guy who still can be your guardian once he understands your social lifestyle. Flint would fit so many situations where socializing with visitors like the grand kids could be in his future and still he will watch out for  those who are not part of his family circle specially in our current environment. Plus we are always available to help guide you in other projects with the kid you might consider and he's already a ball player. 

Of course if you as is Mr. Hoytt are well into life and want a great Dobe that prefers to just be your best friend, Flint is a find. We regularly select and train our Dobes for singles and couples well into in their 70's and 80's who want a great well mannered Dobe from moment two. A Dobe with an equally befitting education Flint is ready to just hang with you...For sure consider this sliver and rust treasure named Flint. 

FLINT is on our YouTube page - bhoytt/YouTube 



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