Understanding the PedigreeĀ 

 Understanding the Pedigree

Also called a family tree


"Scientia potentia est"

Mixing blood lines  or out crossing as its called does not mean mixing different breeds and  individually one can find their dream companion but too many times it will be the wrong  composite  and  what was to be a wonderful adventure becomes one of life's negatives. literally all the dogs in the previous generations were not the creation of the seller  meaning the seller has little to no knowledge of how the many dogs even in just four generations lived their lives.

Know that few if any of the dogs behind the dog you are about to welcome into your home and heart is known to the seller.  This is where Line breeding has the ultimate advantage when a few additional steps by the seller are taken in behalf of the buyer. .  A rare but excellent way of matching canine to  the individual or family about to welcome a new life into their lives and remember you are about to become parents of a canine  for a decade or more.  The picture above represents a visual analogy of mixed Line breeding for here is a  car  with mixed parts - at best it will be a novelty and with luck this transportation could be better then walking.  This analogy represents the different mix between a multitude of different owners/dogs/dog breeders  versus a breed specialist with their own structured Blood Line. 

Now note the names of the dogs in the family tree (the pedigree) shown below of our Hoytts Princess Guinevere,  four generations and every Dobe carries the HOYTT title. Each Dobe created by HOYTT and placed by HOYTT  confirming no unknown Dobes passing possible Line negatives from health to temperament, from looks to intellect were part of Guinevere's make up and at least four generations before Guinevere her ancestors were known to be exceptional examples of the breeders art. Today the Hoytt Line is the oldest line of Dobes in the history of the breed and in December of 2015  we announced the seventeenth generation of Hoytts were born.


One more point to ponder.

                                                           The advantage of Line Breeding ...                                                       If you don't open the door and the flies can't get in.

This is how we do it!

1...The House of Hoytt is the only breeder who has built a private Line and can actually profile a future litters primary qualities  before actual conception. Of course there still are  additional evaluations remaining before a specific Dobe is placed with its new family KNOWAGE IS POWER. 

2...Profiling the pup as an individual 

3...Use the Client Profile to learn about the buyers expectations and to be sure there are no counter dictions. 

4... Once the Client Profile has been completed and sent to us either by "E" or paper delivery a phone appointment or personal visit to the kennel will be set for the more detailed  questions and answers we both need.pedigree-2.jpg

Remember the puppy is the foundation of the adult, like building on a questionable foundation - no matter how great the investment above ground, expectation must be lowered.

Since most  breeders only know the  female personally and brokers  both nationally and internationally may not even have a few days with their purchase before handing the dogs over to the buyer. In other words of the tens of thousands of Dobes available each year almost all come from parents that there is little known about at the genetic or carry-over level and what they think they see in the few days they take over the pups is the extent of their expertise short of what they were told by their dog's breeder. Any presentation of   back round dogs greatness came to the seller from second or third parties who also are simply offering information they hope their seller  knew as fact. 

Now following are a few of the confusing terms found in advertising. 

American Bred...not to be confused with American Line. American bred simply means bred in America - example an Icelandic import bred to a German import in America is an American Bred not the same as American Lines.

Import Lines usually means a few or all dogs in the pedigree being offered for the dog being sold began life in other countries. Now here's an interesting situation -  When two Hoytt Dobes  Kristians Free Spirit V Hoytt ( the first Doberman allowed to enter Iceland in 1993 and Blandon's Tinna Von Hoytt the second Doberman to also be allowed permanent entry into  Iceland in 1998 were genetically matched and with government approval the first litter of Dobes  to be registered with the Icelandic Kennel Club under Federation Cynologique Internationale standards (FCI) were born in 1999.

From that breeding match came nine Dobes with eight remaining in Iceland and  one Blandon V Hoytt's Dreki   came to America and joined House of Hoytt.  Arriving with European IKC FCI registration we had in effect a European bred Hoytt Dobe who we also registered with the AKC. The American Kennel Club trusts only certain registering clubs  around the world and allows the  creditable imports re-registering  with  the American Kennel Club. Interestingly the question could be asked  are Dreki  pups European or American lines. - well the best answer...They are simply Hoytt Dobes.  

1...Now if a seller has a Dobe that in it's back ground there might be  one Hoytt Dobe even in the last generation on their pedigree shown  and the seller thinks the name will help sell the pups the ad could read Dobermans of the Hoytt Line.

 An interesting analogy of this. In the sixties an after market novelty for Volkswagen Beetles  - a square grill similar to the Rolls Royce grill but it still was a Volkswagen Beetle not a Rolls. 

2...American Bred Dobermans just means the producing pair mated in America. A true American Line actually takes decades to create and for at least four generations all partisapants must have been initially registered with the AKC or UKC. not just reregistered in the U.S. after being born outside America.

3...Raised with children - eight week old Dobes without insecurities will weigh in at 18/20 pounds and even I can't just sit down and play with them without defending myself from their exuberance. In most pictures of our playing with a group we have long sleeve shirts or jackets on for pups before training do not know not to jump on humans nor have they yet been taught not to play with their teeth and their feet.  At best,  raised with children means simply the seller has children and the pups are formalize with kids screams in play.  The reason our Super Pup Programs are added to almost all our Dobes before placement at the request of the new family is that the pups are taught to keep their feet on the ground and on lead not to drag the kids around like a weight pull.  And yes once we have taken a little one well into their education they are much more fun for the children who come and visit. Just keep in mind the best 'child's dog' is born with the right temernment and having our staff children and visitors children interact with the pups is simply building on their inherent qualities -

4...terms like Cardio free or even OFA certified only means at the time of the examination not that the dog will not pass on either of these negatives and there are dozens of other tests that if clear or free of something at the time of testing does not mean the same dogs will not face these negatives as it gets older or will not pass these the good or the bad on to their pups if genetic.  The most successful way of determine the future heath of a dog is to knowing as many generations as possible before the mating of the pair took place. 

Bottom line a pedigree is only a tool when the user knows each of the parts ( each of the dogs named personally). In today's world the photo of the vehicle above best tells the story of most  breeds today. That means unless you find a  breeder (besides Hoytt) who have actually created their own lines can this seller also project how the pup  will be in the years it is ADULT. Otherwise  you and the seller are just crossing fingers that the dog with be as the saying goes "GOOD ENOUGH" and folks 'good enough' is a long way from outstanding. 


 Picture this these are your future Hoytt Dobe's background relations  

  Hoytts Pretty Little Girl of Mine CGC RN CD TDI  WAC  

Marti and her tennis ball game: it's what I would call her hobby and we all need hobbies.* We took this photograph and videoed her reaction at her 'retirement' birthday when she came upon he surrounded by 144 tennis balls.


While she is with me in spirit, her great grand daughter London - Hoytts Bridge to my Heart is a living memorial to my Marti.  And as planned the next generation, the great great grand daughter of Marti & daughter of London named Maddi formally Hoytts Good Morning Starshine  born 5-27-15 will in 2017 give to the world of Hoytt Dobe enthusiasts another generation of exceptional Dobes.  A line  that began 59 years ago with Ch. Hoytts Poco CD and became the foundation of what became the worlds most geniticly guided as well as protected bloodline in the history of this great breed.

*Marti as close as I could estimate acquired more then 26,000 Spalding tennis balls  during her life as daddy's Girl; hobby's always seem to cost more then anticipated which converts to about a quarter million retrieves.

 *Over the last two decades as a time example every one of my Dobes who found great favor in the sport of Tennis Ball Tackle fractured every one but have yet to tear up a single ball;  this folks represent  one more example of correct parental guidance."

Hoytts Pretty Little Girl of Mine CGC RN CD TDI  WAC 


London's mom - adult photo not available2-marti.jpg