ZURI , Assistance Dog



No question the Hoytt Dobe is an exceptional creature welcomed into the lives of exceptional humans but back in 2004 when Rocco aka Hoytts Man About Towne CDX from the Houston area wined and dined our Margarite aka Hoytts Dreamcatcher  CGC RE CDX WAC TDI  one of their pups became Commander aka Hoytts Commander & Chief  CGC  & headed to an established Michigan client  who would a few years later welcome in a pretty red head named Ember aka Hoytts Flaming Ember CGC who is out of Hoytts House of the Rising Sun CGC RN CDX WAC (my Lex's father) and an Atlanta star named Hoytts Heavenly Harp Vom Fuchsfleck CGC  were matched to help us bring in "the next generation" and then on February 19, 2011 one of eight wonderful pups would step into the world of specialized Service  Assistance Dogs and this twelfth day of November 2013 we re-introduce you to this boy who was first introduced using the song name "Alone came Jones" - So for those who follow the presentation of our youngsters on this site here's Jones who between Dandridge and his new home became Zuri . 

Hear from a proud mom and teacher the most recent update. 

Dear Barrie,

I wanted to take a few minutes to let you know how Zuri, AKA: Jones, AKA: Hoytt's Captain America is doing. He is about 65% finished with his service dog training, and is doing well with everything except retrieval.  Zuri has a natural talent that is rare to find in dogs.  He can sense when a seizure is going to happen 30 to 40 minutes before it hits. This ability has made him the most valuable companion on Earth for me. I recently had back surgery, and Zuri was with me throughout my