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Jet - Fawn Baby boy who is just a little angel, he’s playful, loving and smart, learns by watching and loves human attention. Like mom, may like humans more than other dogs. 

He is always happy and up for play.

Education: You pick what you want me to learn and I will do the rest

More Details: I can't wait to get a education so I can show you how smar.t I am.

Birth & Family Information:

Born August 5, 2017

Mother - Hoytt's Golden Girl CGC, TDI

Father - Hoytt's King of the Valley CGC RN CD

Do You Want to Take Me Home?

Once we have your Client Profile, then arrangements will be made to speak directly with Mr. Hoytt.

He uses his knowledge to match you based on the Doberman that fits your lifestyle, Doberman's personality and training level you want in your next super star.

While each Hoytt in training has a teacher, each student is different.

For your enjoyment we have presented as many pictures as weather and time allowed until this young Dobe is reserved.

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