Caspian a Presidents Choice


Caspian is now available having gained his seventh training level with two AKC obedience degrees the end of May. And for those who can, you don't have to wait a year from birth to completion as most of our clients who seek the most life experiences at the youngest level. All before their new Dobe joins the family as those buyers do that have given their children the best schools and now are able to put aside a few days of CUTE for the for the well educated young adult on arrival that just needs to be guided into the finer details of it's new life. And this new family member has learned so much about life rules before he steps into your heart and home. 

Now for those who know Pearl and Lex know why we want to protect their genetic chain and seek a Breeding contract exclusive for a few Hoytt Dobes who will be matched personally by Mr. Hoytt.  

Canine Education: Super Pup Level One. Super Pup Level Two, CYA Level One, CYA Level Two. Canine Good Citizens Certification. AKC trials with title gain in Beginners Novice & Companion Dog titles.

More Details: Definitely the ultimate pup but Caspian went on to reach for the stars and now "he is the Star". Note if you are an established client he can be purchased for $24,000.00 outright if we still can breed him in the future twice successfully. 

If you however are within a few hundred miles of us I am ready to send him home under an extended  Breeders Contract for $17,000.00. He will be needed over the next five years perhaps for a total of 10 successful mating or less, our option.  This boy is from our Lex and Pearl's retirement litter.   

Birth & Family Information: Scroll to the bottom of Caspion's photo presentions where we have added both Lex formally Hoytt's Electric Cowboy and Pearl formally Hoytt's Unspoken Rule. 

Pearl and Lex's kid

born 6-6-17

male Black







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