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Exclusively Breeding & Training the Hoytt Doberman


                            Cultivating the mind of the Doberman through education


Capturing the greatness of the American Line Doberman genetically 



 Don't you ever wonder why sellers do not show the growing stages from very early until purchase --- or why you never see their dogs living quarters or even the property they know as home. GUESS WHAT!!! We wonder about that too. And remember the saying "A child is a product of it's home environment".


 Celebrating Our 75th Year



"Success Has Its Rewards"

Please spend time reading through our site for it is singly the best reference guide available on the Doberman today with more information on the breeds characteristics then any publication to date. 

After all, this is about educating you, the reader, before commitment; in the 15th century Sir Francis Bacon wrote "Knowledge is Power".  Six centuries later it is just as meaningful and will help guide you in your final decisions. Do not forget you are about to invest up to ten years or more of your life as care giver, teacher, banker, doctor and best buddy to a canine - make it count. Plus our web site is also the ultimate Doberman Pinscher picture book and all but five of the Dobes are Hoytt.   

                            Now enjoy our site and if you have questions; do call.  

          "The further back you can look, the further forward you can see."  

Getting excited yet? Go right to  "Available Dobes" for even when everyone here has a last name we will be introducing our next whelping dates or projected breeding dates. 

Note: There have been no import influences since the late 1970's. Our private Line of Dobermans began seven decades ago, with 100% German breeding, because, even America waited until 1908 before the first Doberman Pinscher joined the ranks of an AKC registered breed. It was 1964 when the AKC registrations for the Dobe registered for the first time just over 5000 Dobermans that year. Ten years later Doberman registrations were nearing one-hundred thousand just with the American Kennel Club. That is never good for a breed. 

Today the international evolution of the Doberman is so diluted, that literally all but the Hoytt Dobermans are IMPORTS or from IMPORT LINES. The Hoytt Dobermans are the worlds most protected, pure Blood Line. mind. both both staff and owner trained as well as shown has kept us number one almost three decades. We also are the breeders of the youngest winning dobes in American Kennel Club (AKC) sanctioned obedience trials.

For working breeds the performance ring is the ultimate test of temperament and intelligence. Each dog is judged by impartial individuals not employed by the seller. In effect the performance ring is the test track of the mind.                                                                                                      

Who is Barrie Hoytt?


Well... I was a child when I was kissed for the first time by a pretty little girl named Debby.  Over the years since, I have had the privilege of waking most mornings by a kiss from other lovely 'ladies'.

Okay, while this may seem to be a guy’s brag, it's a fact! The morning of the day I wrote this, I once more awoke to a gentle kiss from my London; my best girl and a great ball player - actually she's quite the protector too. And of course, there's my boy Lex, who moves in at every opportunity.  He has to give me a little smooch and remind me he lives for my attention; he's my other serious ball player.

When I retire, these two Dobermans, with a combined weight of 190 pounds, will cuddle up on the same bed (even though there are three canine beds - one for company, currently Annie),  they will clean each other’s ears, then settle in for the night, unless they hear something that should be investigated.

In the morning, they must hear my eyes open. Before I'm actually awake, they are up, and each will be sitting there, a ball in their mouth, hoping they can talk me into a game of catch. 

Building a private Doberman line has given me the "now" understood variables of genetic individuality; this understanding helps me in the final selection when I match breeding pairs, pairs that create these special life companions called; Hoytt Dobermans.

Please, come and visit us! You will meet my personal group and some of the youngsters we have in training.

With the Hoytt Dobermans greatness in all the right areas, our success attracts those who in their own right, are also achievers. 

Once you study our pre-placement programs, from medical to educational, you will understand who we are.

Now if you want to see some of our Dobermans, already home, or finishing their programs, go to "Owners Gallery" or "Recently Reserved" or  "Placed Hoytt Dobermans".

                         Now to the LINKS to learn about the House of Hoytt and why we began this page "Success has it's Rewards.



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Hoytt History

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Hoytt History


 Camp Hoytt - A Tour in Pictures & video




  Recess at Camp Hoytt

Pictured below - Cookie, formally Hoytt's Lady of the Lake 



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Client Investment Assurance Program

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Client Investment Assurance Program


 Understanding the Pedigree

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Understanding the Pedigree  


How Old is Too Old?

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How Old is Too Old?


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