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 Being updated 9-19-21... we have some cool surprises including special discounts for our established clients. 

Special Offerings When Available                    

"Luck is when preparation meets opportunity"            

  WOW...Know that the Hoytt Dobe Line is the oldest living blood line in American Kennel Club history.




  Miska & Kodiak above will be the grand parents around Christmas 2021


AURORA - formally Hoytts Aurora Borealis CGC 

Here's one beautiful fawn from the pair presented above who is as golden as her fawn brothers and sisters as well as her grand mother Gracie Anne. And Aurora like her mom will give us Reds, Fawn's, blues and perhaps a black or two with her soon to be sire J.J., formally Hoytts Indiana's Finest CGC TKN TDI. Note Miska with her other half Kodiak are now both retired. But check our RESERVED and meet their retirement rainbow litter born 4-25-21, the younger brothers and sisters of Aurora including Mr. Hoytt's new girl "Q" who will continue the Hoytt Line in 2023. 




 On the right JJ is wearing his 24 hour heart Monitor.


j.j.-take-2-012.jpg        *******************************************************************************    Caspian formally Hoytt's Defender of Justice CGC RN CD TDI                                     















*****************************************************************************   LUNA formally Hoytts Eastern Star CGC                                                  


























Now here are the two newly weds, the next pair that will give us a new generation of Hoytt Dobes - late September sired by our own Caspian formally Hoytt's Defender of Honor CGC RN CD & Luna formally Hoytt's Eastern Star CGC (a Jersey girl) and the next baby Hoytts to be born. And keep in mind a third of our Dobes are reserved before birth by folks who are simply great planners or patient enough to wait until all they seek in mind and body becomes a reality. 


Now keep in mind that the three Hoytt Dobes listed in next introductions below actually were obviously not reserved when babies. But as you will note all three were directed to their future family within days of each other after final evaluation of canine & purchaser.  For an established client in Colorado who through his childhood had two Hoyt Dobes as his guardians and best pals.  Now his children will enjoy the same 'total' companionship with Elon. Our drivers met the client in Kansas city, a half way point. For sure buyer patients paid off.

Then we have Bandit now known as Sir who will be heading to Florida. A first time client with the seriousness of wanting to fill a hole in his life every time he recalled his two Dobe buddies of the past and was about to reserve one of soon to be born Luna pups when we introduced this Hoytt Dobe now known as Sir. Client requested "door to door" delivery. Date of Sir's departure 9-16-21.

Note our Elon below. His new dad as a child had the joy of growing up with two Hoytts.  These three were our final offering of the higher educated kids still available as of August 2021. And unless you are thinking to "wait and see" who in the next Hoytts to be born the remaining part of 2021 or see what 2022 will be available. But like most of our clients think about reserving now for placement in 2022 or 2023. If you open the photo files on pups born in 2020 and into 2021 you will notice most of our Dobes have been reserved by established clients who mostly understood the advantage of advanced reservations.

                                                 And here's the pleasant surprise. 

For those already clients to show our appreciation for their continued honorary member of our family, we are offering from October 2021 births and on a $1000.00 DISCOUNT* on all the kids who stay for any of our educational program including our puppy kindergarten program which actually means 'KINDERGARDEN" after discount would be just $500.00 plus the cost of the medically completed Hoytt pup.

* Depending on the combined costs of bringing a pup through the course chosen we must advise our readers that we may find this discount too great in this Covid 19 environment. But right now we are pleased that we can further thank our established clients with not only exceptional Dobes but with extreme discount.       

If you are an established client just call Carol Stephens and she'll arrange a time you and Mr. Hoytt can chat. But if we do not have your Profile do go to our website at HOYTT.COM for the Profile and while on our site take the time to learn about our genetic selection, the many inherent personality variables we use for determining who goes where and of course the many services we offer before placement. 

Now for those who  prefer to be their own expert we definitely are not the people to turn to but fear not there are dozens of sellers across the country, from those who own the female maybe even the sire to those who buy their pups for resale via US & international brokers all hoping the next call will be yours. 




sir-in-stance-33-2021-08-26-15.29.07.jpg   SIR was Bandit ...This young gentleman named originally after his dad is all ready quite the personality and has a following here. Sir will be a wonderful "yes dear" man for an in residence Hoytt girl or a big brother to males or females of the smaller groups. Like a tea cup Yorke or simply a fuzzy mix in the 30 to 40 pound range who could care less about a new canine taking over.  But for sure if you have a Hoytt bitch who thinks she's queen, this boy will be a gentleman even holding open the proverbial door for his lady to pass through first. It would be a happily ever after story for the humans and canines. But as usual we will need to learn more about the creatures already in residents as well as your personal expectations. Projected adult size 90/95 pounds, medium energy level - not hyper just ready to be a best buddy. Can turn into a couch potato when his family just wants to relax or of course when its time for bed but ready to do week ends at the cabin or head out for a few weeks on the road. Oh and he's made a play friend with our newest feline trainer "RK". Shows the ability to accept non-aggressive type creatures already part of his to be family. This again must be discussed in detail before Bandit steps into his new life as companion and guardian. 

       Reserved 8-19-21 first time client - heading to Florida 9-17-21 ...We will deliver


                                 elon-2021-08-05-13.05.31.jpg     . 


Elon ... aka Rocket Man. This young man is in this own way a performer too. Reserved 8-17-21...second generation established family-Colorado - Halfway meet, the boy is now home.







LIAM  Reserved 8-15-21 ... Established client - Kentucky











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