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 Being updated 7-26-21... we have some cool surprises including special discounts for our established clients.

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"Luck is when preparation meets opportunity"            






 Mom and dad - Miska & Kodiak

Also learn who will be the next pair that will give us a new generation of Hoytt Dobes - right now end of September for our next babies. And yes we are accepting pre-birth reservation on these future pups. Also note we just had a client reset a placement date hoping to find a new home away from the heat and fires so check out our "Special Presentation Kid" who just came available out of our Miska and Kodiak. And no the remaining kids in the litter are spoken for. 

If you are an established client just call Carol Stephens and she'll arrange a time you and Mr. Hoytt can chat. But if we do not have your Profile do go to our website at HOYTT.COM for the Profile and while on our site take the time to learn about our genetic selection, the many inherent personality variables we use for determining who goes where and of course the many services we offer before placement.  But for those who  prefer to be their own expert we definitely are not the people to turn to but fear not there are dozens of sellers across the country, from those who own the female maybe even the sire to those who buy their pups for resale via brokers all hoping the next call with be a sale. 


Logan...Reserved 7-30-21...One of our Golden Boys - truly  very handsome fawn tight coat and strong rust markings with correct eye color too. A Miska & Kodiak pup born 4-25-21 ... evaluation completed & in training - AVAILABLE - also must be finished at minimum in our SP1 program before placement, SP2 if the in residents canine or canines are an older settled Hoytt girl since SP2 will allow us the opportunity to introduce the boy to rules of older dog respect meaning he would learn his new girl mate would more appreciative with the arrival of a more settled companion coming into her kingdom. Any other breed or one of those mixes called "designer dog" as long as it's a girl or one of those almost pocket canines boy or girl since our guys tend to be big brothers to the littler canines and this first level interaction boost is well worth the added investment of SP2.  Lazarus can be advanced through our CYA course if the adoptee preferers this more complex program. But be calm, talk to Mr. Hoytt before you set your mind that this boy is your next or first American Bred Super Dobe. 


Our young gentleman presented here is all ready quite the personality and has become a favorite child with the staff * look into his eyes and you can see the wheels turning while he evaluates you. Will be a wonderful "yes dear" man for an in residence Hoytt or a big brother to males or females of the smaller groups. Like a tea cup Yorke or simply a fuzzy mix in the 30 to 50 pound range. But for sure if you have a Hoytt bitch who thinks she's queen, this boy will be a gentleman even holding open the proverbial door for his lady to pass through first. It would be a happily ever after story. But as usual we will need to learn more about the creatures already in residents as well as your personal expectations. Projected adult size 90/95 pounds, medium energy level - not hyper just ready to be a best buddy. Can turn into a couch potato when his family just wants to relax or of course when its time for bed but ready to do week ends at the cabin or head out for a few weeks on the road. Oh and he's made a play friend with our newest feline trainer "RK".









Baby Kodiak - born 4-25-21    


miska-s-pup-baby-kodiak-first-formal-outside-6-16-21-098.jpg                                        miska-s-black-boy-baby-kodiak-no-mark-5-27-21-006.jpg






Reserved and in training. His new foamily resides in Michigan where a pretty 18 month old Hoytt named Bella.







miska-s-pup-logan-first-formal-outside-6-16-21-169.jpg miska-s-fawn-boy-logan-5-27-21-032.jpgmiska-s-pup-logan-first-formal-outside-6-17-21-196.jpg



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