Updated May 2024



London and Mr. Hoytt

Photo taken on Valentine's Day 2024

London's Baby Picture


With tears in my eyes, I announce the passing of my London on Valinetine's Day, formally "Hoytt's Bridge To My Heart CGC RN CD". She has been at my side for 10 years, and besides being my girl, she became the "QUEEN" of the House of Hoytt. As with all our pups, I am the first human to give them a kiss within 10 minutes of thier birth, of course after they have been cleaned up, while promising them a great life ahead. My London never had a bad day and any time I looked for her all I had to do was look to my left. As my clients know when they seek thier Hoytt Dobe and any time i looked for her i just look to my left. In the end I was the last one to give her more kisses which she returned. Then she passed away without any complications. I have to admit I feel her presents watching over me and yet while I would like to believe the many personal Hoytt dobermans I have loved over the years including my very first dobe "Poco" are now part of "London's" gang.


Knowing the middle to large canines do not have the same longevity as humans, 3 years ago I did for myself what I do for my clients when ever possible. Useing our pedigrees, medical history and client files, I put together a pair of Hoytt Dobes that I would like to see bringing in my next canine "QUEEN". That would also make "London" the grandmother of this next generation.  This is how we pass on the qualities we so favor in our dobes. The photos that follow are of "Q" , formally "Hoytt's Que II CGC" and soon to be crowned the "QUEEN" of our canine clan here. "Q" and "Izzy" are litter mates born April 25, 2021. These 2 will soon be mothers themselves over the next 2 year. For those clients who keep up with our monthly newsletter know that "Q" and "Izzy" are the daughters of "Miska", formally "Hoytt's Miska Versa Minor" that appears with her mate "Kodiak", formally"Hoytt's Kodiak Versa Major"on our lead page with a statement "Dreams Do Come True". Note that these 2 girls "Q" and "Izzy" and thier mates will give us babies as early as FALL of 2024.


NOTE:  FALL of 2024 or SPRING of 2025 these two will be bringing in a new generation. Please reserve your kid in advance to allow you time to prepare for your new 4 legged child. Keep in mind the air lines have new size restrictions usually making all dogs over 45 pounds unable to fly home. Do remember we also have a door to door delivery option.



"Q" has all of the points required to gain the title champion under AKC Guidelines, with the exception of size...."Q" is 92 pounds as of this writing, about 8 pounds overweight due to winter inactivity. As outlined under AKC breed standard, "Q" is an excellent example of American breeding in an over sized Doberman Pincher. If you disregard her weight and want the actual prefered comfirmation size. A female doberman is between 55 and 65 pounds at maturity. But since the doberman represents in part a personal protection, it seems illogical to present the doberman as if it was a standard poodle in size. 

While our "Izzy", you will note, is a beautiful blue and rust. She differs in size by fitting the AKC standard. "Izzy" is 70 pounds and also a fine example of our breed in Blue & Rust. Interestingly, Miska, thier mother is what can be called a rainbow producer meaning was a continuing four color producer ...and no "white" dobermans or even white spots have never appeared on the Hoytt Doberman. Point of interest, in our 62 years we've been offering the Hoytt Doberman we have never had any "white" Dobermans.



Aurora wearing holter monitor vest during a 24 hour test which is done for both male and female before a mating or just to be sure no problems are developing that would remain unknown to us until "THE END". This health check tool is also applied to our personal dogs every 6 months and for those folks who either via vacation or thier residents are with in driving distance of the kennel. You can arrange to leave your canine kid with us and given 24 hours we can do the monitoring here which is your doberman's thier first home. "Because we can". The monitor chip is then sent to the manufacture for the reading. With a copy of the report sent to the examined dobe's owner. 


One final thought, call to arrange these health tests . Please call Carol Stephens at (865) 397-9887 and arrange appointment.







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